Build & Experience Data Products

Meshantra is World's Premier Data Mesh Platform
for Domain-Specialized Data Suppliers, Data Builders, & Data Consumers
to Network in Data Value Chains, to Build Data Products as a Service (DPaaS), & to Valuetize Data Experientially


Channelize & Record
Raw Data Products


Mix & Master
Domain Data Products


Utilize & Valuetize
Consumer Data Products

Meshantra is an AI&ML-powered, low-code-no-code, multi-tenant, multi-cloud, multi-workload Data Mesh Platform
that enables organizations across data-driven value chains, industries, and business domains
to procure, produce, & publish Data-Product-as-a-Service (DPaaS).

Empower Business Domains with Superior Data Products @ Speed and @ Scale.

In today's digital world, with high volumes of data exploding at greater velocity, responding to changes by leveraging right data in a complex, volatile, and uncertain business environment is a challenge for organizations. Domains of organizations need to be empowered with factual & intellectual data, specific to their context & needs, to successfully respond to their business changes. The data mesh features of Meshantra helps organizations to define domain boundaries with clear ownership of data and operate highly scalable systems of data people, data platforms, and data products. Meshantra enables consumer-driven production of reliable data products at a greater speed and scale through its semantics-driven AI & ML technology capabilities.

Unlock the value of distributed data across systems and
organizations through domain-driven intermesh of data products.