We combine deep domain expertise with metadata-driven

software products of ours to deliver value across industries


Non-traditional players such as Google, Apple, Tesla, Uber, etc. are utilizing and advancing mobility, digital and connected technologies to make connected cars, build autonomous vehicles and promote car sharing. Such accelerated innovation with a shift from mechanical to software-driven vehicles and from traditional to data-driven business models is reshaping and disrupting the automotive industry.

To empower automotive companies to effectively face the market challenges and to gain competitive advantage, we combine our deep industry experience with leading-edge data & digital technologies to deliver innovative solutions in the domains of automotive supply chain, dealership and telematics. We partner with automotive clients to modernize their core systems with a data- driven fact-based approach in order to empower digital transformation and to significantly improve operational efficiency through artificial business intelligence (AI + BI) solutions.


With the market trend of low interest rates, increased access to credit, strict regulatory oversight, rise of millennials, and rapid digital technology innovations, finance companies face unprecedented challenges in growing loan & lease portfolios while managing risks, improving customer experiences, ensuring regulatory compliance, and reducing costs associated with the increased regulatory scrutiny.

We partner with finance companies to innovate on consumer experience through digitization & modernization of core systems and processes to improve customer acquisition & retention. We empower our finance clients with intelligent data-driven fact-based business solutions to operationally excel at credit underwriting, risk management, billing & payments, servicing & collections, lease-end & remarketing, OEM & dealer relationship management and legal & compliance capabilities, functions and services.


Traditional business models of insurance companies are threatened today with rising customer expectations for personalized products, services, & overall experiences, increasing regulatory compliance mandates, making connections with next-generation tech-savvy prospects, accelerating pace of technology innovations, emerging disruptive business models driven by online, social media connections, crowdfunded capitalization, data-driven products & services, and artificial intelligence based automation trends.

We partner with insurance companies to build business technology capabilities that enable them to establish personalized and interactive relationship with stakeholders (such as customers, agents & partners) across all digital channels, modernize core systems and processes, utilize internal as well as external data sources such as IoT, telematics, social media, etc. to constitute data-driven operations, products and services, and create advanced analytics and artificial intelligence based automation for underwriting, pricing, risk management, claims processing, fraud investigation and regulatory compliance domains.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas industry is experiencing near-term pressures of supply glut and weak global demand while facing long-term challenges of addressing global warming concerns through the utilization of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, reduction of carbon emissions and minimized usage of fossil fuels. Given these challenges and trends, oil & gas companies have started focusing on minimizing the risk of exploration, lowering the capital expenditure and reducing the cost of production & operations by exploiting modern technologies such as drones, wearables, digital platforms, big data analytics and machine learning.

We empower oil & gas companies to make informed decisions, improve productivity and reduce costs by delivering innovative products and solutions through the application of IoT-equipped, cloud-enabled, big data-powered digitization, mobility, data visualizations, advanced analytics and machine learning. We partner with oil & gas companies to deliver data-driven intelligent solutions by curating, integrating, processing, governing and managing well data, production data and other master and transactional data.