Structure Humanachines With Style

Business Technology Architecture®

01 Adaptive.

02 Aligned.

03 Actionable.

Build architecture practices founded on the principles of lean, agile, & devops
Balance purpose-driven directional architecture with situation-driven emergent architecture
Continuously minimize wastage & maximize efficacy of assets through humanachinic architecture practices.

Architecture Is Essential For
Both Digital Native & Digital Immigrant Organizations

In today's digital economy, business strategies of both digital natives & digital immigrants are driven by technology potentialities demanding business technology alignment and responsiveness. Enterprise Architecture (EA) is one of the key success factors of enabling business transformations and driving technology strategies. EA ought to be emphasizing & promoting the modern-day practices of continual change, adaptive design, modular structuring, and intelligent autonomation of business technology capabilities. Today's Modern Enterprise Architecture (MEA) must intelligently structure the environment, people, data, process, and technology through humanachinic transformations to minimize wastage & maximize efficacy of enterprise assets.

At digital leaders, 90% of respondents rate that the Enterprise Architecture teams were more likely to contribute 'high' or 'very high' benefits to business and IT.

- McKinsey

By 2023, 60% of organizations will depend on EA's role to lead the business approach to digital innovation & to design intelligence into their business & operating models.

- Gartner

By 2022, 80% of digital businesses will take a collaborative approach to EA, involving participants across business and IT, and potentially beyond.

- Gartner

Business Technology Architecture® (BTA) is a modern enterprise architecture approach providing adaptive & actionable practices founded on the principles of Lean, Agile, & DevOps cultural paradigms. BTA aligns business technology strategy and execution through design-engineered, data-driven, digital-powered humanachinic (i.e., human + machine collaborated autonomation) practices. BTA provides intellectual building blocks for organizations to successfully institute architecture practices and execute architecture strategies that deliver sustainable business value.

Successful Institutionalization of
Architecture Proves To Be A Challenging Conquest Elsewhere

Though the value of Enterprise Architecture (EA) is well-understood, organizations are persistently challenged with practical execution of architecture strategies successfully. The inherent complexity of EA and the related organizational deficiencies contribute to the current ineffective and extreme approaches of ivory-tower strategy architectures with the absence of actionable artifacts and system-specific low-level architectures with the absence of strategic alignment. To gain the trust & confidence of stakeholders, architecture practices must institute business outcome-oriented culture with actionable business technology alignment practices and continuously deliver measurable business value.

More than 90% of EA activities never really resulted in anything useful.

- Ivar Jacobson, Computer Scientist

More than 60% ( two-thirds ) of Enterprise Architecture Initiatives fail.

- Survey from Rotterdam University

Due to poor execution, 40% of Enterprise Architecture programs get stopped.

- Gartner

Surveys & studies from various research organizations indicate that the primary root-causes for these failures are:

Lack of well-structured, flexible, and actionable 'approach' to maneuver the complexity of EA

Lack of business technology competency to deliver 'meaningful & usable' architecture artifacts

Steerwise Business Technology Architecture® (BTA) is a tried & tested approach that effectively addresses these industry-wide issues through its intellectual capital, Steerwise Vae™. BTA is a practical way of architecting strategy-aligned humanachinic systems of people, process, data, & platforms.

Business Technology Architecture® Enables Business Transformation & Drives Technology Exploitation

Steerwise Business Technology Architecture® (BTA) enables business organizations to continuously innovate products & services fulfilling specified as well as unspecified needs through journey specific experience designing. BTA helps to build an agile & adaptive organization through business technology domain modularization & humanachinic collaboration. BTA drives technology strategies, standards, execution of technology initiatives, and construction of highly intelligent digital applications by exploiting advanced platforms & scalable computing infrastructures. BTA reduces technical debt & compliance risks through continuous improvement practices and brings alignment across business and technology domains through harmonization practices.

Business Technology Architecture® Practices Are
A Meaningful Fusion of Lean, Agile, & DevOps Paradigms

Steerwise Business Technology Architecture® (BTA) practices are founded on the principles of Lean, Agile, & DevOps paradigms to enable organizations to be adaptive and responsive to internal & external opportune changes, through modularized humanachinic transformation. BTA institutes collaborative lean organization structures, nurtures self-motivated architects with domain knowledge, and establishes harmonized agile metamodels, methods, processes, controls, & tools. BTA balances long-term directional architecture with near-term emergent architecture by enabling enterprise portfolios with executable strategies and actionable roadmaps. BTA promotes the culture of delivering minimum-valuable-architecture as products with meaningful & purposeful artifacts. BTA enables teams to successfully implement & deliver superior quality architectures to realize the desired business outcomes.

Alignment Enabler

Having been built as a business technology alignment enabler, BTA harmonizes humans & machines effectively


BTA based architecture artifacts enable practical execution of architecture strategies using agile methodologies


DevOps Practices of BTA enables architects to humanize artistic creative tasks & automate scientific robotic tasks


Well-structured & cohesive meta model of BTA vitalizes architecture artifacts to be inherently sound & valid


Lean-Agile practices of BTA enables architects to balance just-enough strategic architecture & just-in-time agile architecture


Value-focused approaches of BTA empowers architects to innovate experiential solutions & enable scalable operations