Business Technology Transformation &
Optimization Company

Steerwise is a value-focused intellectual products & experiential services firm, providing
business technology strategy, change solution design, & software product delivery
for organizations across industries, sectors, & geographies

Our Company

Steerwise was founded in 2007 on the principle of Business Value First™. In our view, the real meaning of business value is about improving people's quality of life incrementally, exponentially & endlessly while preserving our precious planet. To be competitive in delivering such continuous and sustainable value to all, organizations must effectively innovate and efficiently scale.

Our Business Value First™ competency inspires and motivates organizations to focus on the right areas of impact to deliver maximum value while cutting through the meaningless noise that causes resource wastage.

With our industry proven actionable Business Technology Architecture® scientific practice & experiential Meshantra and Autonomatics software platforms, organizations can focus on delivering impactful results by innovating value-focused digital & data solutions, harmonizing business technology assets & functions, and executing customer-focused experiential services at-speed, at-scale, & with-confidence.

Our Story

From year 1995 through 2004, founder Arunkumar Ganapathy was building various software products and supporting consulting organizations to implement solutions for large corporations across industries. During that period, he observed the challenges faced by software engineers & consultants in meeting the expectations of aligning business strategies with IT implementations. Frequently missed project timelines, repeated budget blowups, end-user/end-customer dissatisfactions, revenue loss, negative return on investments, system abandonments, disconnections between what the product offered and how it was implemented, etc. were all prevailing to his dismay.

Intrigued by that challenge, he moved to large IT & consulting organizations to implement enterprise business systems across clients between year 2004 and 2007. He successfully implemented several large-scale IT business systems exceeding stakeholder expectations. Having tasted his success, he started focusing on the primary reasons of misalignment between business and IT that was causing project failures across the industry. He understood then that the success of projects was highly dependent on artistic touch of few experienced people with specific competencies and intuitions.

He founded Steerwise in 2007 and started turning this art into science by building a new comprehensive approach, Business Technology Architecture®, to address this ever-present challenging issue facing the industry. He created this scientific practice by bringing the focus on Business Value First™ for clients to innovate rapidly and deliver value at scale while eliminating resource wastages & project failures. He then progressively envisioned & built Meshantra and Autonomatics software platforms by automating the methods of Business Technology Architecture® practice to vitalize organizations with the modern technology capabilities & software functions to maximize efficacy & minimize wastage.

Steerwise has been helping clients with Business Technology Architecture® and Meshantra and Autonomatics software platforms with greater success and delivering on its promise through real-world applications, client-driven measures, and end-user feedbacks. Steerwise has been consistently delivering 30% to 60% more tangible value to its clients across projects and vertical industries than the existing delivery practices in the marketplace.

Today, Steerwise is focusing on scaling its value-delivery capabilities to customers all around the world across various industry verticals by engaging clients having ambitious goals, innovating design-driven digital-powered & data-driven software products, executing strategic initiatives to realize the promised benefits, providing end-to-end intellectual services, acquiring exceptional talents, collaborating with competent partners, bringing awareness to the broader community, and continuing to innovate and evolve its scientific practice & software platforms.

Our Competency

We bring strategy consulting, creative solutions and product delivery competencies to actualize business technology transformation & optimization endeavors.

We work with clients to build capabilities that empower organizations to innovate digital customer experience, curate and valuetize data assets, and exploit modern technologies for gaining competitive advantage.

Our Business Value First™ culture makes us a valuable partner for our clients and an inspiring place to work for our employees.

Our Motivation

We are passionate about delivering meaningful & sustainable value to individuals and organizations.

We take pride in empowering people and organizations to fulfill their vision and goals.

We value and treasure economic, educational, health, environmental & cultural well-being of every stakeholder in the ecosystem.

We believe that business outcomes planned by organizations can only be achieved by harmonizing value-delivery across customers, employees, partners, suppliers, shareholders and citizens of the world.

Our Vision

We envision a world that delivers
economic & social value sustainably

Our Mission

We vitalize organizations to innovate distinct
capabilities that deliver more with less

Our Values

Our core values define who we are and how we serve our customers. They influence our attitudes, govern our actions,

guide our decisions, and shape our culture.

We are driven by 10 core values to deliver more with less:

  • Think. Act. Deliver. Business Value First™
  • Empathize. Build Meaningful Solutions. Accept Feedback. Delight Customers.
  • Communicate. Collaborate. Build Trusting Relationships.
  • Be Competent. Be Creative. Be Frugal.
  • Display Professionalism. Demonstrate Leadership.
  • Learn. Grow. Train. Mentor. Share Knowledge. Develop Talent.
  • Inspire. Be Inspired. Motivate. Be Motivated. Make Happy. Be Happy.
  • Be Responsible. Be Accountable. Be Trustworthy.
  • Respect Yourself. Respect Everyone. Embrace Diversity. Foster Inclusion.
  • Be Compassionate. Care About Communities. Care For Environment.

Our Promise

Think. Act. Deliver. Business Value First™
Deliver > 30%
more tangible value than now

Our Differentiation

Our Intellectual Capital

Business Technology Architecture®


Our scientific practice enables our clients to innovate, harmonize, & execute business technology transformations & optimizations on-time, on-budget, on-objectives & on-value. Business Technology Architecture® provides immense value to our clients across industries where it repeatedly proves to deliver 30% to 60% more tangible value across projects than their current delivery practices.

Our Intellectual Product

Meshantra and Autonomatics

Software Platforms

Our experiential software platforms enables our customers with valuetization of digital assets, mastering of data assets, and effectuation of lean + agile + devops practices. Meshantra and Autonomatics software platforms provides valuable technology capabilities to organizations across industries to automate valuetization, mastering & effectuation practices effectively & efficiently.

Our People & Culture

Business Value First™


Our value-focused culture built by our passionate people inspires, motivates and empowers our clients to innovate faster, harmonize better and execute cheaper. Our people are Business Technology practitioners having unique skills and competencies across different domains of knowledge with an unmatchable attitude and behavior to effectively deliver our promise to our customers.

Our Leadership

Arunkumar Ganapathy is the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Steerwise. He is responsible for setting firm's goals, all aspects of firm's strategy, developing intellectual products & experiential services, architecting & designing Steerwise software platforms, mentoring & advising clients, developing firm's knowledge capital, building organization culture & competencies, identifying emerging trends in the market, and discovering opportunities & threats in the target environment to deliver sustainable business value for clients.

He is passionate about helping clients develop new business models, operating models, and execution models to deliver meaningful economic & social value. He is defined by his creativity, critical-thinking, and disfavor of mundane repeatable & wasteful activities. He is the creator of Business Technology Architecture® scientific practice, Meshantra and Autonomatics software platforms for clients to innovate meaningful solutions, harmonize organizational assets, and execute high-value activities at-speed, at-scale, & with confidence.

He has over 20+ years of experience across various industry verticals in business technology consulting, large-scale IT systems implementation, integration middleware platforms development, and business application software products development. His primary areas of expertise include business technology strategy & execution, business technology architecture & business value modeling, design thinking, digital customer experience management, all aspects of data valuetization, management & governance, IoT, web & mobile apps, microservices & API Management, artificial business intelligence, machine learning, business process management, knowledge management, semantic oriented requirements modeling & management, devops, cloud computing, big data processing, and digital modernization.

Arunkumar Ganapathy received his Master of Engineering Science in Computer Engineering from Queensland University of Technology, Australia and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics from Bharathiar University, India.

His hobbies and passion include writing songs, composing music, watching movies, mentoring kids, coaching professionals, promoting socio-educational improvements, walking, and swimming.

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Steerwise Solutions Private Limited
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