Experience The Value of Valuetization
Value Experience Platform
Synthesize. Anatomize. Strategize. Valuetize.
Institute harmonized accountability & distinct competency with effective lifecycle methods & controls Acquire & improve factual & intellectual data asset portfolio with sustainable quality management practices Serve purposefully-acquired, readily-usable, highly-trustable & highly-secured factual & intellectual data assets Extract insightful intelligence, make fact-based smart decisions and execute value-focused experiential transactions
Value Experience Platform
  • Steerwise VX™ Value Experience Platform brings essential & powerful technology capabilities to gain expert knowledge & valuetize data assets of an organization.
  • By leveraging its vivid harmonized meta-model, Steerwise VX ™ enables organizations to externalize most critical semantics of data assets concisely & comprehensively from enterprise systems of people, process & application systems. By utilizing its rich visualized meta-analytics, Steerwise VX ™ empowers business technology stakeholders to acquire meaningful & purposeful knowledge about data assets to make valuable strategic & operational decisions at-speed & with-confidence.
  • Steerwise VX™ aims to bridge the data literacy divide by bringing modern technology capabilities to externalize essential facets of data assets as semantical-metadata, to harmonize by integrating & enriching such semantical-assets from disparate systems, to harvest high-quality semantical-metadata for enterprise use and to analyze them for acquiring expert knowledge to make fact-based value-focused decisions.
  • Steerwise VX™ is envisioned to provide modern technology capabilities to effectively enable data management & governance practices as prescribed by Steerwise Data Valuetization ™ methodology. Steerwise foresees to provide a comprehensive & cohesive business technology meta-model to capture enterprise-wide meaningful & purposeful semantics of data assets and to operationalize a deep learning & rendering machine to continuously mine, build & visually share expert knowledge about data assets for valuetization purposes.

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