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Modern Data Mastering (MDM) Platform
Garnerize Data Through Versioned Immutable Transcription @ Wish Harmonize Ingressed & Interiorized Data Through Intelligent Synthesization @ Scale Consumerize Perfected & Harmonized Data Through Customer-Desired Personalization @ Speed Visualize & Effectuate Semantic Modeling, Metadata Capturing, Querying, Searching & Securing Data @ Quality
Modern Data Mastering (MDM) Platform
  • Steerwise MX ™ Modern Data Mastering (MDM) Platform empowers organizations with rich & powerful data mastering technology capabilities at-cloud-scale & at-needful-speed.
  • Its software capabilities enable organizations to semantically harmonize data from variety of data sources & contexts by utilizing its metadata-driven intelligent services and confidentially materialize them based on consumer-specific contextual needs. It provides semantically-rich data profiling, standardizing, cleansing, blending, linking, wrangling & other advanced transformation functions for realizing consumer-driven data harmonization services. It enables data consumers with consumer-friendly data searching, ad-hoc querying & APIs for on-demand consumption as well as real-time event & batch data propagation capabilities. It also provides variety of data shunters to move data between data sources & sinks using real-time event & batch techniques.
  • Steerwise MX ™ Modern Data Mastering (MDM) Platform focuses on providing modern technology capabilities for data-driven organizations to govern & manage their data assets effectively and serve context-specific trustable data to consuming applications & end users efficiently. Its consumer-focused-event-driven data harmonization functions combined with end-to-end data lineage, fine-grained access control, and data protection & encryption features allows organizations to realize & serve high-quality-well-secured data at-speed.
  • Steerwise MX ™ Platform enables mastering of reference data, master data & transactional data in order to effectively integrate business value-stream processes, improve operational productivity, reduce regulatory compliance risks, make fact-based analytical decisioning, and automate harmonization & consumerization services through artificial intelligence.

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