Maximize Efficacy & Minimize Wastage
Effectuation Experience Platform
Innovate At Speed. Deliver At Quality. Operate At Scale.
Institute purpose driven collaborative structure of self-motivated domain experts Establish harmonized operational execution metamodels, methods, processes, controls, & tools Continuously maximize efficacy & minimize wastage throughout product delivery & service operations lifecycle
Effectuation Experience Platform
  • Steerwise EX ™ Effectuation Experience Platform delivers meaningful & purposeful technology capabilities to empower organizations to deliver products & operate services at-quality, at-speed & at-scale. Its fully-integrated & cohesive Lean + Agile + DevOps mechanized practices help organizations to innovate faster at-speed, deliver better at-quality, & operate cheaper at-scale.
  • Steerwise EX ™ enables organizations to continuously understand customer desires & needs, strategize valuable products & services, design experiential functions & features, deliver high-quality products & services, and proactively support customers & partners.
  • Its rich & powerful meta-model driven functions enable organizations to define & effectuate motivation models, business models, operating models, execution models, & transaction models thoroughly and cohesively for maximizing efficacy of business endeavors. It brings complete alignment across organizational philosophies, professionals, practices, & platforms to successfully plan, institute, deliver & operate business ventures of any size.
  • Its software capabilities enable automation of Lean, Agile & DevOps practices by utilizing specialized best-of-breed tools, integration of such tools across product delivery & service operations value stream, and provision of visibility, traceability & insight into the continuous stream of business value research, creation, delivery & capture. Its machine-learning & artificial-intelligence capabilities smartly enable organizations in streamlining effectuation performance, improving asset quality, and increasing delivery velocity of software products & operational services.

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