Business Technology Architecture® - An Overview

BY Shen
PUBLISHED ON Jan 28,2017

Business Technology Architecture® is an actionable and pragmatic approach that provides:

  • Innovation Methodology to envisage & validate incremental & radical business & technology solutions by exploiting existing & exploring new capabilities to provide meaningful business value
  • Alignment Methodology to align people, process, data & technology using Meaning-Oriented-Modeling™ techniques & to provide actionable business requirements for successful Business Technology Systems implementation
  • Performance Methodology to build big scale integrated systems using service oriented big data principles & to execute, manage & govern Enterprise Asset Portfolios actively for optimized business performance

Why Business Technology Architecture®?

Business Technology Architecture® bridges the industry gap of impedance mismatch between business strategists & technology implementers through a proven methodology that enables continuous innovation,  alignment & performance of business technology capabilities, functions & services to exponentially improve value delivery. Business Technology Architecture® provides a set of Reference Models & Knowledge Guides to explicitly derive & organize business & technology meanings as ‘enterprise assets’ and an Execution Model to manage & govern those assets through programs, projects & operations.

Primary causes of IT project wastages:

  • The impedance mismatch between business strategists & technology implementers
  • Lack of industry maturity, knowledge, awareness, skillset, & educational leadership in providing actionable end-to-end business technology solutions & requirements

How Business Technology Architecture® works?

Business Technology Architecture® provides methods:

  • to evaluate, validate & model value opportunities & threats,
  • to strategize capability acquisition & refinement,
  • to plan data-driven functional activities & accountable operations,
  • to design & implement service oriented big scale solutions &
  • to execute projects and operations to glean planned value

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